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Adult B'Nai Mitzvah Program

Program Syllabus/Outline


March 2021: Repairing The World Video - Source Sheet
April 2021: Values-Based Decision Making Video - Source Sheet
May 2021: Prayer & Liturgy Video - Source Sheet
Zoom Session 1: Shavuot Video - Source Sheet
June 2021: Climate Justice Video - Source Sheet

Session #1 - April 18th, 2021

Video 1 - Repairing the World - Source Sheet

Video 2- Values Based Decision Making - Source Sheet

Values Based Decision Making - Notes and Values

Session #2 - May 23rd, 2021

Source Texts on Prayer and Liturgy

October 2021

-Texts on Kashrut

November 2021

Texts on Israel









Through a Reconstructionist Lens: An Adult B-/Re- Mitzvah Program will offer a once-a-month virtual class for those studying for their Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Participants will connect with adult learners from across North America in exploring evolving Reconstructionist thoughts and practice today.Classes will be approximately 40 minutes in length and videos will be released once a month; running from March 2021 through March 2022. Enrolled students will be able to view the video modules on their own schedule.

There will be an opportunity to participate in the 2022 Reconstructing Judaism Convention: a group Aliyah on Shabbat morning, and a short program of honor for them together with recognition of the 100th anniversary of Judith Kaplan Eisenstein’s Bat Mitzvah as part of the Saturday night program.

Along with the videos, participants will join Rabbi Boris at Dorshei Emet-online or in person, if possible-for a once a month class to reflect on the topics and do additional learning. There will also be opportunities to learn (or review) Hebrew and to take a four part Torah reading class. Participants will be invited to participate in a group B'Nai Mitzvah service in spring 2022.

The program is open to all Dorshei Emet members, both those who have not had a Bar or Bat Mitzvah and to those who would like to do it again as an adult.

Classes will be approximately 40 minutes in length and videos will be released once a month; running from March 2021 through March 2022. Enrolled students will be able to view the video modules on their own schedule. Topics will include:

  1. Repairing the World through a Reconstructionist Lens
  2. Liturgy and Prayer through a Reconstructionist Lens
  3. Values-Based Decision Making
  4. Biblical and Rabbinic Texts through a Reconstructionist Lens
  5. Climate Justice through a Reconstructionist Lens
  6. Shabbat – Celebration and Observance - through a Reconstructionist Lens
  7. Israel through a Reconstructionist Lens
  8. An Approach to Food, Kashrut, and Justice through a Reconstructionist Lens
  9. God through a Reconstructionist Lens
  10. Racial Justice through a Reconstructionist Lens
  11. Economic Justice through a Reconstructionist Lens
  12. Creating Community – Kehilah - through a Reconstructionist Lens
  13. Gender Inclusivity (Feminism and Egalitarian Communities) through a Reconstructionist Lens

In addition, there will be an opportunity a couple of times during the year where all enrolled participants will meet virtually together. This will be for one of the presentations with an opportunity for Q and A plus some extended study.

Please contact Davina, by March 31st to register. (We will watch the March video in early April).

 For any questions about the program contact Rabbi Boris:

$180 for the entire program, including video classes and workshops. 

Fri, March 31 2023 9 Nisan 5783