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Each year, we offer a variety of adult education classes addressing Jewish spirituality, ethics, and culture. In the past, we have learned about Israeli literature, Jewish mysticism, Jewish heroes, holiday wisdom, Indian Jewish cooking, Talmud, and more.  We also offer a "Touchstones of Jewish Civilization" class for people interested in conversion or for those who would like a refresher course of the basics of Judaism.

If you are interested in learning about something that we do not currently offer, feel free to contact the office to let us know. All classes meet at the synagogue unless otherwise noted. To register for Adult Education courses please contact the office at (514) 486-9400



Adult Education Spring Classes 2019

Spring 2019 Education Programming

To Register: Contact Shainy @ Dorshei Emet Office


Start Date




Mon, April 29, 2019

6 Weeks 7:00-8:30pm

The Path of Judaism

Rabbi Boris Dolin

Members: $54

Non-Members: $90

Tues, May 14, 2019

3 Weeks 7:00-8:30pm

Women, Gender and Identity in the Torah and Jewish Texts

Rabbi Boris Dolin

Members: $30

Non-Members: $45

Tues/April 30, 2019

4 Weeks 1:30-3:30pm

Samba Lessons

Dorothy Stober



Mon/April 29, 2019

6 Weeks 7:00-8:00pm


Nancy Sculnik

Members: $54

Non-Members: $90

Wed, May 22, 2019

4 Weeks, 7:00-8:00pm

Drawing Course

Audrey Berner

Members: $41

Non-Members: $65


All Classes require minimum registration. There are no refunds once the classes begin.

The Path of Judaism with Rabbi Boris Dolin: This new interactive class will cover the core ideas of Jewish life along with a deeper exploration of Jewish ritual, theology, ethics and contemporary issues. Through text study and discussions we will explore how we as individuals and as a community connect to Jewish tradition, while also touching on the values and history of the Reconstructionist movement. Beginners and more advanced students are welcome. Class can also be taken via Skype/video for those out of town. Topics: Judaism: Faith or Family? Exploring our Jewish identity, evolution of Judaism civilization; God, contemporary theology, Reconstructionist concepts of God, supernaturalism vs. transnaturalism; “The past has a vote, not a veto”, how do we use tradition? ; The power of ritual, new views; Contemporary issues, feminism, LGBTQ, social justice. April 29, May 6,13,20,27, June 3.

Women, Gender and Identity in the Torah and Jewish Texts with Rabbi Boris Dolin: In this three part class, we will explore the unique role of women and gender in the Torah and rabbinic texts, starting with an exploration of well-known and lesser known female characters in the Torah, from Lilith to Ruth, Miriam and others. What role do these women play in the stories, and how were they interpreted by later rabbinic tradition? Through the exploration of these characters we will examine how we can understand the traditional role of women in Jewish tradition, and also explore how we can reinterpret and reconstruct them to put them in a more modern context. In our final class, we will look at the broader issues of gender and identity in Jewish tradition, including feminist interpretations and the act of “queering the text”. Of course, women, men and people of all gender identities are welcome in the class! May 14, 21, 28

Yiddish with Nancy Sculnik: This beginner-level Yiddish course will introduce you to the rich world of Yiddish language and culture. Learn to express yourself in Yiddish and engage with Yiddish culture through lively class discussions, activities, and songs. Based on the level of the class, some texts will be brought in for further learning and self-expression. Prior knowledge of Yiddish is not a requirement for this course. April 29, May 6, 13, 27 June 3, 17.

Samba Lessons with Dorothy Stober: Dorshei is excited to offer samba lessons, the latest card game craze! The class will be taught by Dorothy Stober. This course will run for 4 weeks.

April 30, May 7, 14, 21.

Drawing with Audrey Berner: If you think you can only draw stick figures, you are wrong! Absolutely anyone can learn to draw and these four classes will start you on your new artistic path. The class is great for people who have never drawn before x- and even those who want to refine their skills. Materials included. May 22, 29, June 5, 12.

Sun, July 21 2019 18 Tammuz 5779