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Hanukkah Food Baskets

For the past years, funds raised by our Dorshei Emet family for the Dorshei Emet Hanukkah Food Basket Fund have gone towards the purchase of food for over 200 baskets that are then distributed to those in need in the Montreal community. The baskets are assembled and delivered by our Pre-B’nei Mitzvah students and other volunteers right before Hanukkah. Through this mitzvah, the students learn to share their blessings with others who are less fortunate.

Hanukkah lasts for eight days to commemorate a miracle: a miniscule amount of oil thought to barely last one night, lasted for eight nights of light. It is customary on Hanukkah to give gifts of money to children, to play dreidel games, and to give an amount to charity each day of Hanukkah. Fulfill this mitzvah by contributing to the Dorshei Emet Hanukkah Food Basket Fund.

Our Hanukkah food baskets  provide recipients with food in the Hanukkah tradition. We invite you to celebrate this year by sharing your blessings with others in the community.

Please contact the office or visit our donations page if you would like to contribute to the Harvey Kahn Food Basket Fund.

Thu, August 18 2022 21 Av 5782