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Welcome to Congregation Dorshei Emet

Renewing Jewish life through Spirituality, Ethics and Culture

Home to cultural Jews and spiritual seekers, Dorshei Emet is an egalitarian, progressive community where Jewish traditions are celebrated and innovation is welcomed. An open community where everyone is welcomed regardless of religious background, sexual orientation, gender identity, and socio-economic status. We promote Jewish life through creative approaches to spirituality, ethics and culture.

All of our programs and services are open to the entire community, and if you like what you see, we also invite you to join!

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Upcoming Programs

Preparing the Heart for the High Holidays:

The month of Elul is a time to prepare ourselves for the profound moments of Teshuva, return, and the blessings of community found in the High Holidays.  A mixture of contemplative text study, meditation, music and discussion, this workshop will help us understand ourselves and the process of growth and change so we can enter the High Holidays with a sense openness and strength.

The classes can be taken as a pair or individually.

Class One:  An introduction to the spiritual themes of the Yamim Noraim and the path of Teshuva

Class Two:  The joys and challenges of traditional liturgy; Teshuva as daily practice.

Seminar lead by Rabbi Boris at Dorsehi Emet, 7 pmSept 13 or Sept 20

Please contact the office to sign up for the class.


Shalom Chant

Come experience the unique joy and spirit of Jewish mystical chant and song, blending traditional and contemporary Jewish prayer, responsive singing and meditative phrases to instrumental backup. Lead by Rabbi Boris and guest musicians from Dorshei Emet, this promises to be the first in an ongoing series that is open to all spiritual seekers, Jewish and non-Jewish, wishing to share in an uplifting, sacred communal musical experience.

Sunday, Sept 25, 4-5 pm, Vidalia Yoga Studio, 5276 Notre-Dame-de-Grace Ave.  

The Best of Our Kitchens


Vegetarian and Dairy Cooking from Congregation Dorshei Emet, The Reconstructionist Synagogue of Montreal

A collection of well-tested vegetarian and dairy recipes submitted by our members and published in 2004.  A wonderful addition to any cookbook collection and a perfect resource for the famous potluck dinners that Congregation Dorshei Emet hosts regularly.

Available for pre-order until November 11, 2016, for pick-up mid-December in time for Hanukkah gift-giving.  Order now!  We can not guarantee that cookbooks will be available for sale after November 11, 2016.

Mon, 24 October 2016 22 Tishrei 5777