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Death and Mourning

HaMakom yinachem etchem… May you be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. In Case of a Death

In case of a death in the family, please call Paperman and Sons Funeral Home to make arrangements at (514) 733-7101. They will take care of all your needs, including contacting the rabbi, who will meet with your family to plan the funeral service. The Dorshei Emet community supports those in mourning by helping provide service leaders for services you might hold at your home during shiva and, with your permission, alerting the community that there has been a death in the family so that congregants may come by for shiva or bring you food or help with other needs.

Jewish mourning rituals are meaningful and helpful as we process the death of a loved one. For more information on Jewish mourning rituals, see Paperman and Sons’ helpful memo or The rabbi can also recommend books and other resources for the time of mourning. Don’t hesitate to be in touch should you wish to meet with the clergy during this difficult time.


During the time of shiva, shloshim (the 30 days after a death), and the year following the death specifically of a parent, people often attend synagogue more often to say kaddish yatom, the mourner’s prayer. We have minyan most Monday and Wednesday mornings, in addition to Shabbat morning; please call the office to make sure that minyan is meeting on the day(s) you wish to attend.

Six months to a year after the burial of a loved one, people often have an unveiling, during which they invite close friends and family to the cemetery to join them and the rabbi to install the headstone. Memorial plaques are also available in the sanctuary, in which you can honour your loved one’s memory with a donation to the synagogue in their name. The light on a memorial plaque is lit the week of the anniversary of their death, the yahrzeit. People often will come to synagogue the week of the yahrzeit of a loved one in order to say kaddish yatom, and we announce in services those whose yahrzeiten fall on that week.

Purchasing Burial Plots

Members in good standing are entitled to burial rights at Dorshei Emet’s cemetery grounds at our beautiful section of Eternal Gardens Cemetery, Beaconsfield. For more information, call Eternal Gardens at (514) 694-9029 or call the Dorshei Emet office.

Ethical Wills

The Jewish tradition has the practice of writing ethical wills, in which a person leaves their life philosophy and values to the next generation. Writing an ethical will can be a powerful experience at any time in life. Through an ethical will, you can articulate what you have learned in your life and be assured that your family understands what you hoped to teach them. Should you wish to discuss writing an ethical will, please contact our rabbi.

Directions to Eternal Gardens Cemetery

Via the Trans-Canada
Take the Trans-Canada Highway - 40 West to exit 50 St. Charles.
Turn left (south) onto St. Charles. Drive down to Evergreen Drive (the street before Highway 138 and the 20 underpass).
Turn right on Evergreen Drive until Brown Owl.
Turn left on Brown Owl, follow to Elm Avenue.
Make a left on Elm and continue past the railway station to the cemetery.

Via Remembrance Highway 20
Take Remembrance Highway 20 West to exit St. Charles Rd.
Turn right onto St. Charles.
Make a right on the first street, Amherst.
Follow Amherst semicircle to Elm.
Make a left on Elm and continue past the railway station to the cemetery.

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