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Learn Our Melodies

Congregation Dorshei Emet thrives on congregant participation. If you’re interested in learning how to chant Torah or haftarah, please contact the office and we can set you up with a tutor. If we have enough interest during a given semester, we can put together a class.

To learn to read megillah on Purim, please see Purim in the Holidays section.

If you’re new to the congregation or you’d like to learn how to lead services, the below audio files will help you become familiar with the melodies we use in our services. Page references from the Siddur Hadesh Yameinu and duration are listed next to the song title.

Shabbat Melodies for the Pre-Bnei Mitzvah Class

These are the melodies that students in the Pre-Bnei Mitzvah program learn before and during the program. 

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Hinei Mah Tov Pg. 101

Mah Tovu pg. 99

Ashrei pg. 132

Psalm 150 pg. 138

Barchu pg. 149

El Adon Pg. 151

Shema pg. 160

Mi Chamocha-Version 1 pg. 166

Mi Chamocha-Version 2 pg. 166

Amidah pg. 167

Sim Shalom pg. 178

Blessing Before Torah Readings (Aliyah Blessing) pg. 219-220

Adon Olam pg. 384

Shabbat Davenning

These recordings will help you to learn how to lead the Shabbat morning service, or provide you with a stepping off point for becoming more familiar with the service.

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Music From Rabbi Boris

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