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Syrian Refugee Project

We would like to express our thanks to the many members of our Dorshei Emet community who have come forward to help: our doctors who found solutions to long-standing and new medical issues, dentists who responded to emergencies, teachers who did individual coaching, experts who gave advice in specific fields and many more. Thank you!

Our three families have completed their first year in Canada. They have experienced all the seasons, including a cold winter and now this very hot summer. Many hurdles have been jumped, but many more challenges lie ahead. The families are well settled in their apartments. All the young children have completed their first year of schooling in the Classes d’accueil and will now be integrated into regular schools. All the adults and one teenager took French with varying degrees of success.

The end of their first year means the families will no longer receive a stipend for attending French courses and, also, the end of our financial commitment. Of course, we will continue to support them in every other way possible.

For a variety of reasons, including their childcare responsibilities, two of women have decided to stay at home. The third is working now and hopes to pursue her education once her husband has a permanent position. Two of the men are looking for specific jobs, one in accountancy and the second in IT. The third is open to all job possibilities.

Can you help?


Wed, September 18 2019 18 Elul 5779