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Dorshei Discovery School

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We are excited to welcome children and families to the new Dorshei Discovery School, an afterschool educational experience for children from kindergarten/maternelle to B’Mitzvah age at Congregation Dorshei Emet.  The program will be starting in fall 2023, and will be open to all members of the Montreal Jewish community.  While we are starting small, we hope that the school can grow to be an important part of the Jewish community, providing a truly unique program reflecting the beautiful mix of traditional and evolving liberal values that will keep our community strong into the future.

Over the years, we have noticed a growing need for a supplementary school for families in the city - a place for children who do not go to Jewish Day Schools but wish to learn in a community that fits their values and where their and their families' ways of connecting with Jewish life are honoured and respected.

The Discovery School will be a creative, dynamic, and accepting learning environment for children. We will focus on holistic learning rooted in the vision of Reconstructionist Judaism, where we see the fullness of Jewish life reflected in many forms. We believe that the best kind of learning is one that is rooted in tradition, but accepting of diverse beliefs and practices - where the past and our history is the wellspring from which our liberal, relevant and meaningful Jewish futures can rise up and flourish.

A primary goal of the school is to build a community of families, children and parents who can build lifelong friendships which offer support and connection for many years to come.  

  • Religious/Spiritual identity:  Students will learn about Jewish traditions and rituals as they create their own sense of meaning and spirituality in their lives.  We welcome diverse theologies and cultural values, exploring different beliefs and affirming that there is no one way to be Jewish.  Our priority is to foster a sense of Jewish belonging, instilling in our students that all people -  religious, cultural, secular - can be part of the Jewish community.

  • Liberal Values: The school will be fully egalitarian, and will be a safe space where all children are celebrated for their own identities, families and beliefs.  We take gender equality seriously as part of our curriculum, in the language that is used, and in creating an environment of mutual respect free from prejudice and assumptions.  

  • Social Justice: Values of Tikkun Olam, compassion and social justice will be integrated into all aspects of the school. In addition to learning about these values as an important part of Jewish tradition, we will also do hands-on activities and community work, encouraging students’ interest and ability to make the world a better place.

  • Language: One of the primary goals of the school will be to give students the building blocks of a love of Jewish languages. Students will learn to read and understand the basics of Hebrew as a living language. Through class exercises, music, and creative activities, everyone will gain proficiency and have the skills necessary to participate more fully in Jewish life and be prepared for their B’Mitzvah.  Students will also explore Yiddish and the kaleidoscope of other Jewish languages, such as Ladino, Aramaic, Judeo-Arabic, and more (Note: If you are a parent or community member who speaks or has some proficiency in any Jewish language, please contact us - we would love to share your expertise and knowledge with our students to help them gain a full, informed understanding of the diversity of Jewish languages!)

  • Prayer:  Students will gain a fluency and appreciation of Jewish prayer and spiritual practices. Every day will include an opportunity to learn and explore the meaning of Jewish prayers, holding on to the values of egalitarianism and theological creativity.

  • Israel: Students will build a connection with Israel as they learn about Israeli culture and history.  We will also integrate learning about some of the challenges of contemporary Israeli society, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, issues of human rights and social justice. We will work to build connections with the country, while fostering an understanding that there is no one way to do so.

  • Family Learning: Integral to the program are opportunities for parents to join their children in learning.  Through this children will see that learning matters to their entire families and that everyone can join in the fun.  We will also have regular scheduled social events and opportunities to build community.

The Dorshei Discovery School welcomes all members of the Jewish community: Children with at least one Jewish parent (religious, secular, or other).

Class will meet once a week on Tuesdays, 4:15pm-5:45pm, with early dropoff available upon request.  While we know that schools end at different times, we hope that this will allow as many people to participate as possible. This day and time may change as needed, or as the school grows.

Members and non-members of the synagogue are welcome, with members receiving a discount on tuition fees. We ask that regardless of membership status, participating families make an effort to join our community outside of class as well as participating in class activities.

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For more information, please contact our school director Ilana Teitelman at

We hope to see you in the fall!

Sun, December 3 2023 20 Kislev 5784