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Congregation Dorshei Emet  - ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN 2016-2017 / 5777




Since our founding in 1960 as Canada’s first Reconstructionist synagogue, we have fulfilled our mission of being a truly progressive, welcoming and engaged congregation that respects Jewish tradition within the context of contemporary life. As such, we have touched thousands of lives. With your support we will to continue to build a dynamic, financially sustainable congregation that reflects our shared Jewish values.

At Dorshei Emet, we believe holiness is achieved through community and the quality of our relationships. We take seriously our promise of offering a sense of belonging to all who enter our doors. We know that every person’s story and perspective matters, adding strength and richness to us all.


“When our youngest child underwent life-saving surgery, the Dorshei Emet community rallied around us, prayed with us, wiped  away our tears, and gave us hope. Members made frequent home visits and brought us countless home-cooked meals, giving us a chance to heal. We are so grateful for those extra hands during our time of need. This is the Dorshei Emet way. Our way.”

-Dorshei Emet member

  • sustain and improve the synagogue building that is our spiritual and cultural home as we eat, sing pray and learn together
  • provide inspiring, meaningful prayer opportunities: weekly Shabbat morning services, Prayer Lab, Mosaic Shabbat, Family Shabbat, Friday Night Unplugged, and Friday Night Renewal
  • deliver innovative free or affordable cultural and educational programs for children, youth and adults: Jewish Journeys / B’nai mitzvah (grades 5-8), Children’s Havurah, Adult education, Touchstones, Wise Aging, Hebrew classes, Torah study, Davvenology, The Enlightened Bite
  • offer joyous music programs and activities: Shalom Chant, community concerts, Dorshei  Emet Coffee House
  • run creative inter-generational Jewish holiday programming
  • provide pastoral care, spiritual direction and clergy officiation at all lifecycle events
  • deliver timely support to members in need, who are grieving,  troubled, ill, or seeking comfort
  • offer affordable membership 


Our building, activities and programs are not ends in themselves. They serve the purpose of continuity and building a strong democratic community. Because of you, Dorshei Emet is now an extraordinary Reconstructionist synagogue and cultural home. Your generous gift is vital for sustaining the synagogue, and in return, the synagogue will sustain you. Help keep YOUR Dorshei Emet the inclusive, accessible, vibrant spiritual and cultural community that you and so many of us cherish.

We don’t just talk the talk, or offer a “one size-fits-all” approach to spiritual and cultural Judaism. Together we put our commitment to our Judaism, liberalism and social justice into action.”  -Rabbi Boris Dolin


“Dorshei Emet is our oasis of love and support through thick and thin. It does not matter if you are rich or poor, or if you share a same-sex or interfaith relationship. You are accepted for who you are and the life experiences you bring to share with us.”

-Dorshei Emet member


“Dorshei Emet is a community that ‘religiously’ practices egalitarianism with deep awareness and loving care. Here, egalitarianism is embedded in all areas of Jewish life: participation in synagogue leadership and religious ritual, inclusive liturgy, and an affirmation of Jewish identity via patrilineal or matrilineal descent.” 

-Rabbi Educator Sherril Gilbert

“I have always believed that our community will stay strong when we can hold onto tradition while also celebrating our unique stories and identities.  Being Jewish in a changing world means not giving up on the past, but also not giving up on each other.” 

-Rabbi Boris Dolin

“No one is left behind on the battlefield of life: we are there for you. We do not judge. When you enter Dorshei Emet’s doors, you are us and we are you.”

-Dorshei Emet member


Dues alone cannot support the programs and services we provide – our annual Giving Campaign is crucial to our financial stability. DONATE NOW so that we can reach this year’s $150,000 minimum goal.

Every donation is appreciated! Tax receipts provided.   


18 Cleve Road, Hampstead QC H3X 1A6

Please let us know if you wish your donation to remain anonymous.

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