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COVID-In Person Shabbat Guidelines


Congregation Dorshei Emet

In-Person Services Guidelines

After a very long year and a half, we are looking forward to the opportunity to gather together in person for Saturday morning Shabbat services this summer! We hope that this will be a meaningful opportunity to celebrate Shabbat, while still following all of the health protocols and regulations and ensuring the health and safety of everyone who participates.  With this in mind, we invite everyone who is interested in attending services to read in detail the following guidelines that must be followed to attend.


  • At this time, only Dorshei Emet members will be able to attend in person services. We will continue to stream services online as before so that everyone is able to participate even if they are not at the synagogue. A Zoom link will continue to be sent out on Friday mornings.

  • For the safety of all people attending services, only those who are fully vaccinated - 2 weeks past their 2nd vaccine dose - are invited to attend.

  • It is required to register for services by the Friday morning before Shabbat services with your name, email address, and the date of your second vaccination.  The link was sent out in the Weekly, and can be found here.

  • The list of pre-registered attendees will be checked at the door to ensure that we do not exceed the permitted capacity. 

  • Masks must be worn at all times in the building, and social distancing while seated is required.Households or other “bubbles” must sit at least two metres apart from each other.  Parnassim will be available to help with spacing around the synagogue, generally 2 seats between bubbles.

  • As long as masks are worn, it is fine to sing and participate fully in the service, but please stay in your assigned area. 

  • The bathrooms will be open, but please try to have only one person in the bathroom at a time.

  • Unfortunately, no kiddush/food will be served until further notice.

  • After services are over, people will be let out of the sanctuary by row or section via different exits. It is extremely important not to stay in the building, but to leave as soon as possible after services.  Once outside, we suggest people do not linger or gather around the building, but instead as weather permits, make their way to the park if people want to shmooze in accordance with current Public Health guidelines.  Those who need to stay in the building as they are waiting for a ride home may do so, but should ensure that they are scheduled to be picked up at or around 12:00pm.

We will adapt as the Quebec guidelines change and as we see how these services work in practice. Please remain respectful to other people’s comfort level which may be different from your own. 

Thu, July 29 2021 20 Av 5781