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Baking Bread before Pesach

30/03/20 11:19:51 PM


Rabbi Boris Dolin

    I know that this is the time to clean my house rid my drawers and cabinets  of the crumbs the remains  of all that has risen, and held me back the mistakes, the missed opportunities the hurt this is the time to sweep it away  and pack up what I can’t...Read more...

The meaning of sAcrifice

23/03/20 02:36:09 PM


Rabbi Boris Dolin

Life gives us many changes in perspective, but I never thought I would see one like this.

I doubt any of us thought that a pandemic of this scale was even possible, even if the reality of...Read more...

A new reality

16/03/20 03:30:18 PM


Rabbi Boris Dolin

I have never been a morning person, but it has been especially hard to wake up the past few days.  Living through this pandemic, each morning brings more bad news, new regulations, and an unbelievable shock to know that this is the new normal...Read more...

When We nEed joy

28/02/20 11:30:18 AM


Rabbi Boris Dolin

Oy, do we need Purim this year!  

Like so many other texts of our tradition, the Purim tale is one of survival and victory over oppression.  We have our heros, Mordechai and Esther (and some would argue Vashti), who through creativity and...Read more...

Rules or Stories?

17/02/20 10:51:19 AM


Rabbi Boris Dolin

This week, a new chapter of the story of the Jewish people people begins.  We have made our way from the family stories of Genesis, to Moses and the escape from Egypt.  The Jewish people begin their years of wandering through the desert, they have crossed the Sea of Reeds, and they have received the Torah from Mt. Sinai.  And then we reach a new chapter of the story that begins...Read more...

Mon, April 6 2020 12 Nisan 5780