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What is holding us together?

01/24/2022 02:09:17 PM


Rabbi Boris Dolin

I've had a lot on my mind this week. As you know, last week, at around this time at a suburb outside of Dallas, Texas, the horrible situation took place as five people were taken hostage at a Congregation Beth Israel during a Shabbat service. As I mentioned in the letter I wrote to this community, while anything that affects the Jewish community or a place of worship feels especially difficult as a rabbi, this one hit very close to...Read more...

Another kind of Census

07/22/2022 09:24:22 AM


Rabbi Boris Dolin

Parshat Pinchas-2021

(How much has changed since last year...)

So here we are, nearly a year and a half after our synagogue officially closed its doors to end person gatherings. It's been an unbelievably strange year filled with more than our share of difficult moments and challenges, but also this has been a year of gaining an unbelievable sense of perspective. There's no way that you can make...Read more...

Black Lives Matter 

06/10/2022 09:29:04 AM


Rabbi Boris Dolin

Reflections on Jewish Identity, Black Lives Matter and How We Listen

Dvar Torah, Parshat Naso, June 2020

What a week this has been.  It was clear that things have been tough for months now--living through this pandemic with no end in sight, there was more than enough on our minds.  But summer is here, and I had been hearing from so many people how it was clear that hope was in the...Read more...

The power of the Seder

04/21/2022 11:53:30 PM


Rabbi Boris Dolin

Every year when we sit down to our Passover seders, I reflect on the great miracle of this experience. The miracle is not that the sea split as the Israelites were on their way to freedom.  That was pretty nice. The miracle is not even...Read more...

remember, there is evil

03/14/2022 08:15:56 PM


Rabbi Boris Dolin


On Shabbat Zachor, the Shabbat before Purim, we read special verses from the book of Deuteronomy at the end of the Torah reading:

Remember what Amalek did to you on your journey, after you left Egypt,...Read more...

The World turned around

03/07/2022 04:08:39 PM


Rabbi Boris Dolin

This week, our world began to look entirely different.  It's hard to say this after two years of a pandemic that has disrupted nearly every aspect of our lives, and created the greatest societal shift in generations. Yet the war in Ukraine has done something that...Read more...

Thu, October 6 2022 11 Tishrei 5783