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Feeding the birds

01/25/2021 01:51:57 PM


Rabbi Boris Dolin

Beshalach 5780  (reposting my dvar Torah from the past year)

Waking up this morning and looking outside at the cold cloudy weather it is hard to believe that in just a few days on Tu Beshavat we are supposed to be imagining that the sap is starting to flow in the trees, that growth is beginning and yes, spring is on its way.  After the amount of time I spent digging out my car last night, I am not sure if...Read more...

Seeing the flames

11/02/2020 01:49:43 PM


Rabbi Boris Dolin

Dvar Torah Lech Lecha

As I assume most of you have noticed by now, I wear glasses.  I am sure it is a familiar story, but like many people, it took me quite a bit of time to realize that I needed them.  As I remember it,...Read more...

11/02/2020 01:49:34 PM


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The Musar of masks

08/03/2020 12:34:36 PM


Rabbi Boris Dolin

Many months ago, we began a new class in our community “Musar in the Morning”. What began as a small group of people meeting twice a week for study and reflection has evolved into a powerful spiritual and practical “tool kit” to make our way through...Read more...

What is our vision?

07/20/2020 03:05:32 PM


Rabbi Boris Dolin


This upcoming Shabbat marks an important time in the Jewish calendar, the beginning of a profound and sometimes challenging season of reflection on our personal and communal journeys.  We complete this week with...Read more...

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